Ford Fiesta Standard Modifications


Here i will cover some standard modification on Ford Fiesta, without any noisy exhaust but with extra POWER and comfort. Warning! Modify on your own risk. This will be my upcoming Project Fiestalicious. Well, i prefer to keep away from car stickers, decals etc. But if you like racing stripes, just go ahead.

My Fiesta modification list goes like this.. with pricing.. :P

Fiesta Bodykit – estimate RM1200 with spray paint
K&N Drop-in Air Filter or Open Pod – estimate RM280 above (add some HORSEPOWER!)
Raizin Volt Stabilizer – estimate RM170
Ground Cables – estimate RM80 above (the thicker the cable is, the better)
Projector headlamp
Philips HID Kits
Ultra Racing Front Strut Bar – estimate RM240
Iridium Spark Plugs – Denso?
17″ Sport Rims – price unknown depends on models

* Please keep in mind that modifying your Fiesta will void your warranty. Mod at your own risk especially those related to electronic stuff. Some advice, when it’s time to send out for service, remove all the modification back to stock.