The Next 15 Years

Wow, it has been awhile since i last update my blog, i was blogging this while listening to Blasterjaxx dropping some sick tunes… Alright enough of nightlife & party. Isn’t it time to focus on career that make your “feet stand firmed on ground”, it was a chinese saying actually. I’m wondering what will happen […]


No Shortcut in Life

I agree there are no shortcut in life, trying to go the shortcut way is GREED and will only lead you either a dead end of the road or obstacles ahead. You know, shit happens. Sometimes because of human error, it will lead you to a very dark path. And always think twice and think […]


4th Tattoo Maha Metta Sakyant Inked

Never thought i will get another sakyant tattoo this year. This is my 4th sakyant inked on my skin now. It’s a lotus sakyant of Maha Metta, for smooth sailing in everything you do and of course it’s ART too. Already got my Hanuman Tuo Gao inked last year, still look nice and colors never […]


New Clubbing9ine Office Coming Soon in April

Wow! I never thought setting up Clubbing9ine office could actually be a dream come true moment for me and it’s actually happening! YOLO! Have to thanks to my friends Tommy, Faith & Arthur who have gone through this together. Together we are Team. Our Clubbing9ine office will be opening soon in Kuala Lumpur and […]

Less Talk, It’s Music Time

Wow, such a long time i’ve never posted since December last year i guess, nothing special going on lately. I’ve been hearing this song by Hebe in radio all the time So let’s less talk for now, and listen, listen, listen. Have been a fan to Hebe for long time. Let’s enjoy the perfect vocal […]


What’s New For 2014?

Just 25 more days till entering new year 2014! Have you achieved what you have targeted for in 2013? I guess some did but for me, I’ve learned something more than achieving it. So I guess 2014 is the year for me to push myself with all the things I have learned in 2013! All i […]


Hanuman Tua Gao Sakyant Tattoo

I’m not sure if there’s crazy blogger like me out there but i’ve just got my 3rd yant tattoo. It’s Hanuman Tua Gao, the last and most powerful of all the Hanuman yant series. I’m not sure the word ‘powerful’ is correct to describe but i can feel some changes. One obvious change is my […]


Top 5 Popular Electronic Music Played at EDM Festivals

Here i’m going to post the popular electronic music played by djs at EDM festivals around the world.  Lets begin with the 5 popular songs in 2013 that get your hands up & jumping towards the blasting music and of course get the festival-goers gone wild. No joking, whenever you go to music festivals or […]


3rd Sakyant Tattoo Coming Next – Hanuman?

Coming November 2013, i will be able to get inked with my 3rd Sakyant as Master Arjan Oor from Thailand will be back at Koleksi Vipasana KL. Many yants to choose from, i’ve already got my Ha Taew & Grao Paetch, now i’m considering getting the classic piece of Hanuman Tua Kao yant. Not sure about […]


Tiesto Returns to Kuala Lumpur on 5th October

My favourite dj and idol of all time, Tiesto will return to perform at SIC Kuala Lumpur on 5th October 2013. His last performance was at Heineken Thirst 2011. Speaking of Tiesto, he made me recall of some classic tracks such as ‘Traffic’, ‘Love Comes Again’ and ‘Adagio For Strings’, ‘Lethal Industry’. I definitely love […]